Monday, May 31, 2010

Tulsa Houston Shuffle

Sunday I had the opportunity to drive approximately three hours from Wichita, KS to Tulsa, OK. Now, I know roadkill is everywhere but I feel like this drive put Oklahoma in the running for roadkill capital state. I've only ever seen a live armadillo once in my life (the funniest critter in the Omaha zoo) and even so I felt just terrible at the sight of all the mushed ones on the median. So sad. Also Bambie is now not only an orphan but he has no cousins, or aunts or uncles to speak of in Oklahoma.

Anyway... I got to Tulsa and arrived at our apartment only having been lost once. And that was not my fault. Tulsa is the road construction capital of the universe. I was a big girl and I figured it out all by myself.

I have two roommates--one from K-State and one from Georgia Tech. I also met a girl this morning from Pittsburgh PA. After much wondering about arrangements we made it to the Tulsa airport, onto our plane, and to Houston. We wandered around the Galleria (the biggest mall I've ever seen...also the poshy-est) for a while and I have decided to call it a night early. We are being picked up at 6:20 tomorrow morning... otherwise known as the @$$crack of dawn. I plan to be alive for it. Or as close as possible.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Phase One

The first phase of the summer was tearing myself away from Manhattan. It was unpleasant. Fortunately I had somewhere fun to go: Mark and Kinley's wedding! Double bonus points for all the people I got to see there (JenB, Kyle,Lauren, Brad, Nish, Cameron, and even Dr. Wu). The ceremony was sweet, the reception was fun, and I think good times were had by all. Especially Mark who's dancing is still unrivaled. And now, pictures! Sorry some are blurry--I'm out of practice. Don't worry I picked the best ones.
The gang's all here. Fouse, Lauren, Kyle, Kinley, Mark, Nish, Me, JenB, Ben
Cutting the cake!
Waiting for cake :)
First dance. All together now...Awwwww.

Friday, May 28, 2010

So here's the deal...

... my mother wants to hear all about my adventures interning this summer. My roommate wants to know the effects of the oil spill that I encounter while in Arkansas working for the oil industry. My Dad wants me to write old fashioned letters because he doesn't really do the internet thing. This blog will address two of those needs. Dad, I'll try to write or call on a regular basis.

I obviously will be restricted as far as specifics of my work (I have no idea what I'll be doing so I don't know exactly how much I'll have to keep under my hat) but I would imagine no one will be heartbroken to miss out of the specific, engineering-y details of what I spend my summer on. I'm sure it would be boring. I will however be happy to talk about the people I meet, the places I go, and the effects of the oil spill I see. I'm sure it won't be riveting but I'll try to keep the really lame stuff to myself.

So here's what's about to go down:
Saturday: Mark and Kinley's wedding (unrelated to my internship but it's one of my many adventures)-- pictures to follow.
Sunday: Drive to Tulsa
Monday: Fly to Houston
Tuesday-Friday: Training in Houston
Friday: Fly back to Tulsa
Weekend: Who knows what I'll do... Hopefully meet other interns. Hopefully fun ones.
Tuesday-Friday: More training (with more hands on components...)
Rest of the summer: Interning it up...that means I have no idea what I'll be doing. Intern-y stuff I imagine.

Hopefully this isn't the most boring thing you've ever read. Let's cross our fingers.