Friday, January 21, 2011

Ob La Di Ob La Da Life Goes On

I love the snow but here's what I don't love. Getting "stuck" because the melty snow under your tires is about the consistency of snot. This happened to me yesterday when I left for the post office. The boys living at the house I lingered in front of came out and offered to push. I told them I was about to execute a plan to back up and turn around and go the other way. They thought that was my best strategic move. It worked. I escaped with merely a bruised ego. No big deal.

Second semester of my super senior year has begun. We are about a week in and so far, so good. Working on my first MIS assignment... a website! When I have something that works and looks half decent I shall direct you, dear reader (Mom). At this point I'm learning to make the most basic things happen with html so trust and believe you aren't missing anything yet.

Other classes seem ok so far. Just kind of warming up. It's too early in the race to be sure but I think it will be a good semester. Here's hopin!

Monday, January 10, 2011


People! It is JANUARY! The 10th to be exact. And we finally have the puffy white wonderland I've been waiting for since December. I've had off-white Christmases before but there were usually leftover dirty piles of snow to remind me of how pretty it was the week before or a white New Year's to make up for it(Ma nature has really lousy timing). This year we had NOTHING. NADA. NILL. Until now.

It's snowing in my inbox (GMail is superior to all other e-mail providers. Disagree and I. Will. Fight you.) and snowing aggressively outside. We are talking flakes the size of throw pillows. Thankfully there's not driving wind so it just gets to float slowly and plop down where it pleases instead of assaulting my face. Folks there was easily 4 inches perched atop the car just a bit ago when I went to clean it off. And it's STILL COMING DOWN! It's like good ol' Ma Nature just realized she forgot to deliver and is trying to make up a month's quota in a day. Bring it on woman! As soon as my financial aid reimbursement comes through I'm getting me some gloves and I'm'a go play in it!

I will say this, Manhattan, no matter how much I love you, you seem to have a flippant attitude toward snow removal. Em's street was driven down but not scraped by the trucks (What the hell?) twice, and my little street got zero love. Also KSU, just because 90% of the students here are the Asian kids in the dorms, does not mean you should leave the snow sit until mid morning and then just kinda push it around a little. You're more on the ball during the year, so you should probably try to keep up during intersession. Just sayin'. I know it's still coming down but tomorrow it'll be so much worse!

But I digress. I love the snow right now so nothing will get me down. Ha!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have survived! I came through finals ok and I made it through "NonTrad Christmas/Marin Road Trip 2011" virtually unscathed. I did make a few idle threats on my sisters' lives but who wouldn't? That back seat got a little small there near the end.
I have started my intersession class (roughly 1/2 done!) and I'm thinking back on the good time I had New Year's Eve. Time for a list!

2010, thanks for...
...MSDA. It was hell-on-wheels while we were in the middle of it but in hindsight it was a great experience and it brought me closer to so many of my classmates. I love togetherness!
...Paper Conference in San Antonio. Again with the togetherness! So many good times...
...the most epic pub-crawl we've ever seen. I may have coordinated it...I only wish it was something I could put on my resume.
...the summer in the oil fields. I know nobody saw that coming but it really was an adventure and I made some great friends. Can't complain about that! wide travels. I've never felt so grown up as when I've been terrified that I would be lost, and then wasn't. I never got really lost and I did it all without Garmin SanDiego!
...Kyle. He's kinda cool. I sorta like him. But seriously he's fun and sometimes you need more fun in your life. :)

2010, what the hell?!...
...Susan & Mahjabeen leaving. Uncool. I'm going to be bitter with you about this for a while.
...Simulation. I knew it had to come around eventually but it was PAINFUL.
...The financial-aid-scares: the 2010 edition. Seriously I'm about on a first name basis with the graduate school and the financial aid people who have to do their black magic to get me my money. This is ridiculous.

2011, I'm excited you're here. Kudos on starting things off right. Always important to make a good first impression. Here's to hoping you and I have a good run!