Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moved in... more or less

The apartment is coming together. It's basically all done with some small exceptions. This is all for you mom...PICTURES!

Ok the livingroom is kinda messy but it's together so forgive that.

The kitchen isn't huge but it does hold basically all of my stuff. What you can't see is the stuff on top of the cabinets. Don't worry it's just the food processor, wok, and crock pot.

And then the bedroom...which is basically together but I know I'll be changing and reorganizing when I have time.
And if you saw it from the bathroom it would look more like this. Here's hoping my lead on a dresser works out... I'm too old for those wire snap-together squares. Right?

And a fun little story to go with all of this: Friday night I arrived back at my apartment around 11. I noticed what I thought was a cat in the "yard" but I noticed that this cat was very low to the ground and it would have been the least graceful cat I'd ever seen. It also boasted a large tail. So my brain compelled me to actually look at the thing. It was none other than one of the family of approximately six skunks that live in/around the apartment complex. He was kind of cute and also seemed relatively unconcerned with me. He wandered within 10 feet of my front door as I stood flabbergasted and tried to take pictures of him (or her I suppose). I thought I had failed to capture the fuzzball because of the magic blending properties of black things at night. Today I found that one of them turned out alright if seen on something other than my phone. Meet my little friend:
You can barely make it out but that is absolutely a skunk. 100% sure. I got a really good look. At a scary-close range. This was taken from in front of my door. The left corner is the 3 foot drop that separates my sidewalk from the lawn. Luckily he/she was scouting the grass for tasty bugs so the sidewalk was not on the agenda but it came to the edge of it right about where I stood to take that picture.

And there you have it. The excitement that is my life right now. Moving/unpacking/cleaning and skunks. Oh the life I lead.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bittersweet Symphony

Today was bittersweet. I haven't blogged in forever... too busy hanging out with people and having pot luck dinners. Now that people are leaving I have time to slow down and collect my thoughts. I finished my internship today and said goodbye to everyone and it was a little sad. I'm glad to be heading back "home" to Manhattan but having everyone say over and over again "You're leaving? Aww... well we will miss you!" made me a little gloomy. They whipped together a pot luck for me and I brought thank-you baked goods. They gave me a picture they all signed. People told me to hurry back. Bless their hearts!

On a less sentimental note I also got to go "fly" a simulated airplane today. Very cool. Be jealous. Actually don't be too jealous, it made me nauseous. I'm terrible and theme parks and I would make a horrible pilot. Oh well.

Oh and one other unfortunate thing happened. There was a roach incident. It was traumatic. It came out of nowhere and ran across my desk. I yelped. I also made Darrell come over and chase it away. He then did the chivalrous thing and hosed it down with Windex. Darrell's a good guy. He hugged me when I left. So it turned out ok in the end.

Tomorrow I am going to try to be a packing/cleaning machine. It won't likely be too fun. but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

V is for Victory

I love the GAP. More than I should probably. But lately our relationship has been strained. I thought they were stiffing me on a couple of things I ordered online. Today they called to make amends. Apparently they don't use standard usps so the fact that I had my mail forwarded did not in fact mean they would ship me my orders. One had been returned. Well at least I know where my dang work pants have been all this time! My pants and a dress will be rerouted as soon as possible. Thank heavens! My work wardrobe needs those pants very much. Thanks GAP!

In other news I have joined Google+ and I like it. It's a less kitschy version of Facebook really. And of course it has Google's sensibility built right in. Man I love all things Google. If you read this and need someone to let you in I have a few invites left so just shoot me your address. :)

That's about all I have to report at this point. I did nothing exciting with my weekend. One day I won't be as broke and I'll have better stories. Promise.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Edelweis, Stieg Larsson, and GAP wars

Thursday: After work I went with Phil and the gang to Edelweis, a charming little German pub with the most amazing Thursday special I've ever experienced. You can get a liter of beer for $5 and a brat with sour kraut for $3. I downsized to a 1/2 liter and then ended up having two of them. But all in all the cheapest dinner you can get. Also you get to rub elbows with Mike the accordion player and Richard Prichard and old (possibly senile) old man who as allegedly been married 6 times and showed us not only his moon rocks but some antique Chinese coins he's "not supposed to have." This week we also met Lupe and Carlos and their white, uber-friendly "bro" who joined our table unsolicited. They were fun. No harm done.

Friday: I got up and did... nothing. I read the rest of "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" by Stieg Larsson. Not going to lie, it was a little difficult at points because it's set in Switzerland and there are mentions of things I know nothing about and casual references to places I've never heard of and can't pronounce. Overall I really enjoyed it though. I suppose I also went to Chicken Express with Rachel Seo (not my roommate) so that was good. At least I left the apartment once.

Today: I went to check my mail and STILL don't have the work pants I ordered from the GAP at the beginning of LAST MONTH. Geesh! Can't even call them because they're not open on Saturday. Dumb. I went and got a couple of grocery items at Target and now I'm chronicling my less than thrilling weekend. Being broke is no picnic. You pretty much have to invent things to do for free or read books. I'm ok with it but it doesn't make for very exciting blog posts. I'll let you know how the sequel to my book ("The Girl Who Played with Fire") is when I finish it. Possibly this weekend unless I finish watching class lectures. Which reminds me I have several hours of that left to do. Gross.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One long and painful day

So I had the longest day on record. Seriously someone called in from Guinness Records to confirm. Ok not really. My day started out rough. I forgot my badge so I had to get a temporary one. I tried to figure out the best place to park to minimize my walking in and out of the building since I can't use my normal gate with a temporary ("turkey") badge (that's what the guys on the floor called it). This ended up making me drive against the arrows in the parking lot like a doofus and then park in what felt like downtown Fort Worth. I probably walked between 1.5 and 2 miles to my desk this morning.

Once I was finally there I had just enough time to check my e-mail before I went to take my test for my online class. I feel like I was well prepared except that I left a key equation off my sheet which made me take the full 2 hours to finish the exam. I then had one hour to use until a training session. Thing is once you include walking and buying my lunch I was working for about 20 minutes. Keep in mind that going between my desk and the building where I took my test and did my training is about a 15 minute walk. Brisk walk. Add that to the 1.5-2 miles I booked before and after work and we've successfully integrated exercise into my work day! In my work clothes! Across a steamy parking lot! Yay! (Obviously NOT yay).

But who am I to complain? Our friend Rachel (not my roommate) had a car accident yesterday (she's fine physically just, you know, not thrilled about the situation). We are making her dinner tonight (I'm contributing some easy-peasy brownies) so she doesn't have to hang out by herself. That should make both of us happier I would imagine. :)

It's been a long day but tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Struggles (NOT Mein Kampf!)

I swear when I titled this it was not intended to be a play on Hitler's book. Promise. I really am writing about a struggle I am currently having. The one of work/life balance. Or in my case work/life/school balance. For whatever reason I don't seem to be able to ever accomplish everything I should. I fantasize about the day when I don't have but work and life to balance but I'm sure my life and work will just swell to fill the gap and I'll still have a laundry list of "I should have's". I haven't been consistent at anything but going to work and trying to study (inefficiently) over the past week. Everything else is intermittent. This includes cleaning, dealing with my finances, exercise, and picking up after myself. Don't get me wrong I try to hit up those things but I just don't get around to it like I should.

Either way my life isn't so bad. I like my job a lot. For the first time it feels like I was requested instead of thrust upon my employer. The ol' "oh yea... you're here... uh... you can do this!" was getting old. I'm wrapping up a project where I help document parts of the process that can be moved off of the critical path. I finished the "schedule" I made for it today and barring major overhaul I think it's done (knock on wood). I'm about to embark on my next work adventure--documenting tooling in our area in detail so they can plan for it's storage as they finish construction and expansion of our area. It's a huge undertaking but it's going to keep me busy which is key to making the day pass.

This weekend for the 4th we didn't do a heck of a lot. Slept adequate amounts which was lovely. We saw Transformers: Dark side of the Moon which was awesome. Also I went and re-watched Bridesmaids which was epic the second time (just in case you were concerned it didn't have staying power). Yesterday we did and intern pool-side barbecue and then we went and parked our lawn chairs on the edge of the river to watch fireworks. Good times had by all! Here are a few pictures to prove I have friends and we did in fact see fireworks:
The Rachel's! Left to right, Rachel and Rachel (my roommate).

Alex! He's a good sport about hanging with the girls in Phil's absence. :)
7th Street bridge... We though the fireworks would be over the bridge... they were through the tree just out of shot. No worries though...
Other view from our spot. This is where the magic happens... when you miscalculate where the fireworks are supposed to be and end up watching a different show...

SEE?! There they go. I think these came from the botanical gardens. They were pretty legit.
And more fireworks but this time with a little artistic river reflection added for some drama. You're welcome.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No phone makes me feel crazy...

Well because I can't talk much about what I do it's hard to think of things to put in these updates. I have started going to the shop floor to figure out the process so I can hopefully help them improve it. Other than that I've just been getting training and access to files and other "housework" of starting a new job. I've made friends with a group of assemblers on the floor and they and everyone else has been very nice and helpful. The other engineers are very busy but they always do their best to help me out. I'm trying really hard not to hover over them or seem needy but it's hard at first when you don't even know what questions to ask or what to do next after you finish each task. I'm getting the hang of the rhythm of the place and I don't think anyone wants to push me off the mezzanine yet so that's good.

As for other stuff I haven't done much outside of work since there are limited hours and I haven't quite gotten the complete lay of the Fort Worth social land. I've been to the grocery store a lot. The produce at Central Market is RIDICULOUS! AMAZING! Peaches taste like CANDY! Clearly I spend a lot of time thinking about, purchasing, preparing, and enjoying food. Down here that's mostly fruit. It's awesome. I've also started running. Not much but something has to counteract my other activities. In fact the other night I went to Fuzzy's Tacos and then shopping for produce. It was a magical night. Followed by a jog. You see what I'm talking about? If you'd ever had a taco from Fuzzy's you'd really get it. That's a new favorite of mine besides the TX peaches.

In related news if you haven't tried a Rolo McFlurry may I suggest you immediately go to the nearest McD's and get one? Stat. Seriously.

This random stream of consciousness is brought to you by a broken Samsung Rogue that now functions on par with a rotary phone. I'm having thoughts buildup that is causing these sudden and unorganized outbursts. Expect nothing better for the next week and a half or so. Sorry.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Drinking from a fire hose

This summer's gonna be good! I got my project described to me in detail today, and I am supposed to feel free to seek out additional projects and work. I should feel like I'm "drinking from a fire hose" for the rest of the summer... Hope I don't drown!

Today I started getting my access to various files and online resources as well as getting my desk stocked with supplies. After work I went to lunch with my supervisor who is great. She's a fellow wildcat! There are several wildcats in the department as well as a very friendly longhorn (who showed me pictures of his grand-kids) and a quiet but very nice horned frog who sits at the desk behind me. Sports allegiances are quite prominent for those who have them and no one is bashful about any school pride or ribbing of rivals. It's going to be a fun work environment.

This evening I finished up my lecture for my online class and then went on a bit of an adventure. I had a happy accident when I landed at a World Market (an international food and decor store) instead of the Central Market (a grocery store). A simple mistake. It worked out. I found sugar free coconut syrup for my coffee (I swooned and hugged it right there in the store) and a mini bottle of white wine for my dinner. I also picked up a treat: chocolate covered macadamia nuts. :)

I then came home to kind of butcher my dinner plan. Word to the wise, if you are planning to make faux noodles out of zucchini you should boil them for perhaps 10 seconds. Barely at all. Just kind of warm them up. I actually boiled mine. They basically turned to mush. Oops. Lesson learned.

The plan for the rest of the night... well I'm not certain at this point but I'm guessing I don't do much. My work schedule is a match to the shift work so I go in around 6:30am and then leave around 3:30 or 4 depending on how long it takes me to eat my lunch. Hence I'm tired. Quite tired. I may go to the pool and hang or perhaps I'll just read. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 1

Well my first day (half day) is over. I have been photographed for a badge and my paperwork has been filled out. It was largely uneventful. Sorry about leading anyone to believe that my life would get more exciting or be more newsy today. My bad.

On the plus side I met some fun fellow interns and we may very well be going bowling this evening! Hopefully that is enough to satisfy anyone's need for news.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I am a Lone Star...

My parents have gone and I'm finally moved into my apartment. Now what? Well here's what I did today:

~Breakfast at Paris Coffee Shop
~Groceries at Tom Thumb (not kidding...check out the twitpic from that trip!)
~Rearranged the living room furniture
~Made sangria
~"Worked out" (a little... at least I TRIED!)
~Skyped Kyle
~Drank Sangria

All in all it was a productive day! More exciting news to follow once I start working. At least I hope so! ;)

Monday, April 4, 2011

More Low Carb Adventures

I cheated big time for lunch yesterday. Pizza. I know it's shameful. But I tried to make up for it at dinner. I found a recipe for chicken online that has no carbs (according to the recipe anyway...I think it's a stretch...but whatever).

Just take 4 chicken breasts, top them with feta (roughly a 1/3 cup...ish) and then wrap them in a couple pieces of bacon. Stick 'em in a baking dish and then in the oven for 45 minutes at 375 or until they're done (you know, clear juices and whatnot).

Turns out pretty tasty considering the uncomplicated nature of the thing. I'm trying to think of other things I could add to it to jazz it up just a little more. I was thinking about pouring something over it that would just give it a little zestiness but i can't figure out what. I'll think on it and get back to you mom. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shrimp Mock-o's

So I started Atkins (and by that I mean I'm trying to be as Atkins-y as possible but fully accepting that I won't be following it to the letter) and I'm using it as an excuse to find fun new recipes. Today I invented something that was, in my humble opinion, SUPER TASTY, as well as mostly low-carb. Not to mention "meat" free for lent. Trifecta! Since Mom and Dad are also doing the Atkins dance I felt I should share. Brace yourself. And before you get to thinking I'm some kind of culinary genius, know that Pioneer Woman really invented this, I just tweaked it.

First go here and make PW's firecracker shrimp. It's a two parter but if you skip to page two you get the simple, picture free recipe at the end. I added a tablespoon of lime juice to mine which is in my opinion quite nice. Once those tasty little buggers are done, you get to my invention.

You'll just need some guacamole (homemade if you have a minute) and some kind of lettuce. I used butter lettuce because it's folds up nice around other foods and doesn't break apart. It's the soft shell of the lettuce world. Take a leaf of lettuce and put some guac in it and then add a few shrimpies. I was as generous as the lettuce would allow. I recommend it. I ate two and I'm full. These things are pretty dang yummy if I do say so myself.

If you want to make homemade guac, my approach is as follows (I eyeball everything so forgive the inexact amounts just taste it and decide what it needs more of. Just go with a little less than you think because you can always add more!):

  • 1 avocado (of average size...)
  • 1/2 a tomato (or three grape's what I had...)
  • garlic salt (a good shake)
  • lime juice (a good squirt)
  • paprika (a dash)
  • chili powder (a couple good dashes...or three)
  • cilantro (if you are lucky enough to have fresh a small clump, if it's dry... a couple shakes)

Mush up everything but the tomatoes and once it's the consistency you want dice the tomatoes up small and stir them in. VoilĂ ! It only takes a few minutes for a small amount and with good soft avocados. It's definitely worth it to make your own. Much yummier that way.

Also Atkins friendly and a delicious treat and supplement to your mock-o's, a diet Sierra Mist (I like the grapefruit kind). Om nom!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

I am here at...Rocheport Missouri...rhyming is overrated anyway. We arrived in Missouri Wednesday night after stopping off in Kansas City for dinner. We met Kyle and Chris (Scarlett's friend who is having her do website work) at Winstead's. If you've never been to one, go. It's cute. Very 50's diner-esque and tasty cheap burgers. Also the best onion rings I've had in a long time. Possibly ever. Bold statement, I know. But anyway...

We're staying with Scarlett's aunt and uncle in the tiny berg of Rocheport (population 208) which is comprised primarily of cute homes, b&b's, and antique shops. It's right on the Katy trail (the purpose of our trip) so it'd be an adorable place to stay if you were doing the Katy trail thing. Also it's close to Columbia and Booneville if you need to go shopping or anything of that nature.
Our trusty steeds courtesy of Chuck's Bikes in Booneville.

An OLD grain bin on the trail. A perfect chance to take a break. Hi, Scarlett!

A shot of the trail... super straight for a long time. But nice just the same... :)

Yesterday (Thursday) we biked from Booneville on rented bikes (thanks Chuck's Bikes!) back to the bridge just outside of Rocheport. We would have gone all the way "home" but the trail bridge is under construction. The trail is long and flat and for most of the portion we rode it was also straight. It's a nice easy ride and if the weather were nicer I could have rode longer than our two hours.

Scarlett looking up the mileage of our ride. Should've been about 13.5 miles but with the bridge out it may have been more like 10.

Stopped at Snoddy's after our ride to pick up a few things for breakfast. This is quite the convenience store. All kinds of goodies including decent wine!

Unfortunately the weather isn't cooperating so we are seeking other things to occupy our time. Today we walked down to the main drag and looky-loo'd through the antique shops and general store. I feel in love with some tiny little glass globes you put votive candles in and hang from the ceiling. I don't know where I'd put them so I didn't buy them... yet.

Now we're over in Columbia getting some Dunn Brother's coffee and mooching some free wireless. We are children of the computer era...we can't be disconnected for too long or we start to have meltdowns.

On the agenda for tonight: all we can eat fish dinner! Lent is not without it's perks. Unfortunately I'll probably go meat free again tomorrow because I forgot and had scramble this morning with sausage and bacon. Woops. Throw in a Hail Mary for me today, Mom.

We'll be heading back to Manhattan tomorrow "morning." On this trip morning has been whenever we roll out which tends to be near lunch. We'll see what that means tomorrow.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tales of a poor college student

I am still unemployed. I have a promising lead at a Dominos (so glamorous) but due to my apparent lack of employ-ability I'm not counting any eggs just yet. I've been trying to focus on school but the fact of the matter is when you have extra time it means you feel even less pressed to accomplish things. Like for instance, you'd think I would clean my room with my spare time, or exercise perhaps. No. I have been watching tv. Mostly reruns. Pathetic.

I'm in Manufacturing Information Systems and right now we are just learning about making html websites. I'm wondering if this will make me able to do anything nifty with this ol' blog here. Probably not but I can dream. And poke around. I have the free time.

At this point if anyone was following along here... I've officially bored them to death. Sorry guys.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sno-mageddon 2011 Update

Remember when I said the snow wasn't so bad? It's a little worse now. Kinda...blizzard-y. Mostly because the wind is kicking up all the previously fallen snow. Also it's coming down a bit faster. In spite of the worsening conditions, I ventured out. I had things to do! And cabin fever! I drove safe, I promise. Also, Mom's fancy-schmancy car told me to check the tire-pressure so that had to be done! Don't worry, Dad, I put air in the tires up to the cold-temp pressure recommended.

I couldn't get printed today because I have to get it done at the campus police office which won't do it on a day when we don't have class. I found out because I went to the Manhattan Police Department and was informed that I couldn't do it there. I called and the campus police said it wouldn't happen today so since I was out I went to Target instead. Picked up rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle because I read it makes good window de-icer for your car. I also picked up a scraper since my mom has a garage and never needed to buy one for her car. No worries, Mom, they were on sale.

I'll let you know how things are since I'll have little else to do while I'm locked up in the house. I'm not leaving again until I know the roads are better or the weather is more pleasant. Besides, my pajama pants are warm and comfy and so is my couch.


So the snow is finally here and as one would imagine, people are kinda loosing their... minds. The freezing rain of two nights ago left a lovely slick film on everything causing K-State to give us the day off. Looking outside you didn't seem to see a reason for it but if you set foot outside you understood. I brushed death a few times yesterday...very exhilarating.

And now the snow has come. We've been waiting and watching the weather and hearing people talk about the snow they're getting all around us and it's finally our turn. It's not coming down with a vengeance or anything but it's coming down. Between the cold, ice, and now snow we got another day off. I'm very ok with this. I didn't have to get up for my 8:05.

Yesterday I was super productive, filling out paperwork, applying for jobs and doing odd things I've been putting off. It felt amazing. I'm hoping to put bows on just a couple more things today. One of which is getting a background check which requires me to leave the house and drive to the police station. That feat alone may keep that task in the "to do" list. I drove some yesterday and things were fine but I just don't know if I want to try again today. But cabin fever has been known to drive people to do crazy things. We'll see.

I've got enough food to last for... a little while. If this is really the Armageddon they are predicting I may starve. Ok I may lose a few pounds which wouldn't be a travesty. If I lose power however... things may get dire. I can put the milk out on the porch, but what will I do to entertain myself. I have 2/3 of a book to finish but after that... madness. Pray for me people. More specifically pray for my electricity to remain on.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ob La Di Ob La Da Life Goes On

I love the snow but here's what I don't love. Getting "stuck" because the melty snow under your tires is about the consistency of snot. This happened to me yesterday when I left for the post office. The boys living at the house I lingered in front of came out and offered to push. I told them I was about to execute a plan to back up and turn around and go the other way. They thought that was my best strategic move. It worked. I escaped with merely a bruised ego. No big deal.

Second semester of my super senior year has begun. We are about a week in and so far, so good. Working on my first MIS assignment... a website! When I have something that works and looks half decent I shall direct you, dear reader (Mom). At this point I'm learning to make the most basic things happen with html so trust and believe you aren't missing anything yet.

Other classes seem ok so far. Just kind of warming up. It's too early in the race to be sure but I think it will be a good semester. Here's hopin!

Monday, January 10, 2011


People! It is JANUARY! The 10th to be exact. And we finally have the puffy white wonderland I've been waiting for since December. I've had off-white Christmases before but there were usually leftover dirty piles of snow to remind me of how pretty it was the week before or a white New Year's to make up for it(Ma nature has really lousy timing). This year we had NOTHING. NADA. NILL. Until now.

It's snowing in my inbox (GMail is superior to all other e-mail providers. Disagree and I. Will. Fight you.) and snowing aggressively outside. We are talking flakes the size of throw pillows. Thankfully there's not driving wind so it just gets to float slowly and plop down where it pleases instead of assaulting my face. Folks there was easily 4 inches perched atop the car just a bit ago when I went to clean it off. And it's STILL COMING DOWN! It's like good ol' Ma Nature just realized she forgot to deliver and is trying to make up a month's quota in a day. Bring it on woman! As soon as my financial aid reimbursement comes through I'm getting me some gloves and I'm'a go play in it!

I will say this, Manhattan, no matter how much I love you, you seem to have a flippant attitude toward snow removal. Em's street was driven down but not scraped by the trucks (What the hell?) twice, and my little street got zero love. Also KSU, just because 90% of the students here are the Asian kids in the dorms, does not mean you should leave the snow sit until mid morning and then just kinda push it around a little. You're more on the ball during the year, so you should probably try to keep up during intersession. Just sayin'. I know it's still coming down but tomorrow it'll be so much worse!

But I digress. I love the snow right now so nothing will get me down. Ha!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have survived! I came through finals ok and I made it through "NonTrad Christmas/Marin Road Trip 2011" virtually unscathed. I did make a few idle threats on my sisters' lives but who wouldn't? That back seat got a little small there near the end.
I have started my intersession class (roughly 1/2 done!) and I'm thinking back on the good time I had New Year's Eve. Time for a list!

2010, thanks for...
...MSDA. It was hell-on-wheels while we were in the middle of it but in hindsight it was a great experience and it brought me closer to so many of my classmates. I love togetherness!
...Paper Conference in San Antonio. Again with the togetherness! So many good times...
...the most epic pub-crawl we've ever seen. I may have coordinated it...I only wish it was something I could put on my resume.
...the summer in the oil fields. I know nobody saw that coming but it really was an adventure and I made some great friends. Can't complain about that! wide travels. I've never felt so grown up as when I've been terrified that I would be lost, and then wasn't. I never got really lost and I did it all without Garmin SanDiego!
...Kyle. He's kinda cool. I sorta like him. But seriously he's fun and sometimes you need more fun in your life. :)

2010, what the hell?!...
...Susan & Mahjabeen leaving. Uncool. I'm going to be bitter with you about this for a while.
...Simulation. I knew it had to come around eventually but it was PAINFUL.
...The financial-aid-scares: the 2010 edition. Seriously I'm about on a first name basis with the graduate school and the financial aid people who have to do their black magic to get me my money. This is ridiculous.

2011, I'm excited you're here. Kudos on starting things off right. Always important to make a good first impression. Here's to hoping you and I have a good run!