Sunday, May 30, 2010

Phase One

The first phase of the summer was tearing myself away from Manhattan. It was unpleasant. Fortunately I had somewhere fun to go: Mark and Kinley's wedding! Double bonus points for all the people I got to see there (JenB, Kyle,Lauren, Brad, Nish, Cameron, and even Dr. Wu). The ceremony was sweet, the reception was fun, and I think good times were had by all. Especially Mark who's dancing is still unrivaled. And now, pictures! Sorry some are blurry--I'm out of practice. Don't worry I picked the best ones.
The gang's all here. Fouse, Lauren, Kyle, Kinley, Mark, Nish, Me, JenB, Ben
Cutting the cake!
Waiting for cake :)
First dance. All together now...Awwwww.

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