Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moved in... more or less

The apartment is coming together. It's basically all done with some small exceptions. This is all for you mom...PICTURES!

Ok the livingroom is kinda messy but it's together so forgive that.

The kitchen isn't huge but it does hold basically all of my stuff. What you can't see is the stuff on top of the cabinets. Don't worry it's just the food processor, wok, and crock pot.

And then the bedroom...which is basically together but I know I'll be changing and reorganizing when I have time.
And if you saw it from the bathroom it would look more like this. Here's hoping my lead on a dresser works out... I'm too old for those wire snap-together squares. Right?

And a fun little story to go with all of this: Friday night I arrived back at my apartment around 11. I noticed what I thought was a cat in the "yard" but I noticed that this cat was very low to the ground and it would have been the least graceful cat I'd ever seen. It also boasted a large tail. So my brain compelled me to actually look at the thing. It was none other than one of the family of approximately six skunks that live in/around the apartment complex. He was kind of cute and also seemed relatively unconcerned with me. He wandered within 10 feet of my front door as I stood flabbergasted and tried to take pictures of him (or her I suppose). I thought I had failed to capture the fuzzball because of the magic blending properties of black things at night. Today I found that one of them turned out alright if seen on something other than my phone. Meet my little friend:
You can barely make it out but that is absolutely a skunk. 100% sure. I got a really good look. At a scary-close range. This was taken from in front of my door. The left corner is the 3 foot drop that separates my sidewalk from the lawn. Luckily he/she was scouting the grass for tasty bugs so the sidewalk was not on the agenda but it came to the edge of it right about where I stood to take that picture.

And there you have it. The excitement that is my life right now. Moving/unpacking/cleaning and skunks. Oh the life I lead.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bittersweet Symphony

Today was bittersweet. I haven't blogged in forever... too busy hanging out with people and having pot luck dinners. Now that people are leaving I have time to slow down and collect my thoughts. I finished my internship today and said goodbye to everyone and it was a little sad. I'm glad to be heading back "home" to Manhattan but having everyone say over and over again "You're leaving? Aww... well we will miss you!" made me a little gloomy. They whipped together a pot luck for me and I brought thank-you baked goods. They gave me a picture they all signed. People told me to hurry back. Bless their hearts!

On a less sentimental note I also got to go "fly" a simulated airplane today. Very cool. Be jealous. Actually don't be too jealous, it made me nauseous. I'm terrible and theme parks and I would make a horrible pilot. Oh well.

Oh and one other unfortunate thing happened. There was a roach incident. It was traumatic. It came out of nowhere and ran across my desk. I yelped. I also made Darrell come over and chase it away. He then did the chivalrous thing and hosed it down with Windex. Darrell's a good guy. He hugged me when I left. So it turned out ok in the end.

Tomorrow I am going to try to be a packing/cleaning machine. It won't likely be too fun. but you gotta do what you gotta do.