Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanks Dr. Wu...

Proctoring an exam again today. It's so fun. By fun I mean boring. Watching students think (and sometimes sweat) is about is thrilling as watching your lawn grow.

Kate visited this weekend to play rugby (Go Saints!--2-0 for the day!) and while she was here I learned that she loves when I make lists of things. Apparently that's when I'm at my funniest. I can't disagree but lists have to be organic (not pesticide free but flowing from a naturally creative place). I'm going to try to force a bit of inspiration here and make lists about my weekend.

People I saw this weekend (warming up here...don't expect much):
--Mom (came through Thursday which in college is the weekend with Al and Dad for Al's college visit-a-palooza)
--Dad (see Mom)
--Aly (see Mom. She was the reason for the road trip so we hope she's be included. Could make for an awkward college visit if you don't bring the kid...)
--Kate (came and stayed with me Friday for rugby-palooza on Saturday)
--Amanda (came with Kate...and by that I mean Kate came with her or whoever has a car)
--Hallie (see Amanda/Kate)
--Neesha (sp? See Amanda/Kate/Hallie)
--Andrew (Came up Friday just because he's a big shot engineer and he can do that. Stayed on my couch Friday night)
--Work Friend Of Andrew Who's Name Escapes Me Just Now (She came with Andrew and also slept on my [other] couch)
--Jen (Came up for the Texas game and is now back in Houston gloating about how we OWN Texas)
--Ben (Also here for the came... came up with Jen)

As you can see my weekend was crammed with fun people, a good sign for a weekend. Bad sign for my productivity but that's not really the point.

Reason this weekend was awesome:
--I saw all the aforementioned people for at least an hour each (most of them considerably more)
--We own Texas. If not in the Legal sense of the word then in the Pride sense of the word.
--I ate Korean food with Emily and Andrew. Pusan may be nestled deep within the armpit of Junction City but it is a shining beacon of velvet-painting-clad goodness.
--The BC Saints beat both K-State and Nebraska's rugby teams. Best of all I kind of knew it was happening while I watched. I'm catching on to this rugby thing...
--I won a Wildcats Forever travel mug on Big XII Friday. I love travel mugs. Especially such nice, purple, large ones.
--I found $20 on the ground in Aggieville. It was filthy as it had been run over by a car but it spent the same as if it was crisp and new. Free Early Edition breakfast for me!
--I had Early Edition for breakfast/lunch with Scarlett. It was delicious.They really know how to rock some Banana-Nut pancakes.

As a result of all this awesomeness my week will probably be hell because I have a SIM project due Friday and I just feel like I'm never going to finish it. I blame not working on it all weekend but honestly... I probably wouldn't be much farther ahead at this point anyway. If anyone out there knows anything about ARENA (I'm using version 13) and more specifically transporters and their relation to MOVE blocks, feel free to shoot me an e-mail explaining the finer points of AGV's.

It's come to that point in the semester when I'm pining for Thanksgiving break like children pine for cake. I want it NOOOOOOOW. So thus begins the countdown to Thanksgiving and other awesome things:

End of Project 3 (SIM): 4 days
Thanksgiving break: 11 days
Christmas break (END OF THE SEMESTER FROM HELL): 33 days

I think I can hang on that long. I think...

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