Friday, January 21, 2011

Ob La Di Ob La Da Life Goes On

I love the snow but here's what I don't love. Getting "stuck" because the melty snow under your tires is about the consistency of snot. This happened to me yesterday when I left for the post office. The boys living at the house I lingered in front of came out and offered to push. I told them I was about to execute a plan to back up and turn around and go the other way. They thought that was my best strategic move. It worked. I escaped with merely a bruised ego. No big deal.

Second semester of my super senior year has begun. We are about a week in and so far, so good. Working on my first MIS assignment... a website! When I have something that works and looks half decent I shall direct you, dear reader (Mom). At this point I'm learning to make the most basic things happen with html so trust and believe you aren't missing anything yet.

Other classes seem ok so far. Just kind of warming up. It's too early in the race to be sure but I think it will be a good semester. Here's hopin!

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