Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bittersweet Symphony

Today was bittersweet. I haven't blogged in forever... too busy hanging out with people and having pot luck dinners. Now that people are leaving I have time to slow down and collect my thoughts. I finished my internship today and said goodbye to everyone and it was a little sad. I'm glad to be heading back "home" to Manhattan but having everyone say over and over again "You're leaving? Aww... well we will miss you!" made me a little gloomy. They whipped together a pot luck for me and I brought thank-you baked goods. They gave me a picture they all signed. People told me to hurry back. Bless their hearts!

On a less sentimental note I also got to go "fly" a simulated airplane today. Very cool. Be jealous. Actually don't be too jealous, it made me nauseous. I'm terrible and theme parks and I would make a horrible pilot. Oh well.

Oh and one other unfortunate thing happened. There was a roach incident. It was traumatic. It came out of nowhere and ran across my desk. I yelped. I also made Darrell come over and chase it away. He then did the chivalrous thing and hosed it down with Windex. Darrell's a good guy. He hugged me when I left. So it turned out ok in the end.

Tomorrow I am going to try to be a packing/cleaning machine. It won't likely be too fun. but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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