Thursday, August 19, 2010

My So Called Life

Anyone remember that show? It had Claire Danes and Jared Leto in it. Anyway this has nothing to do with that show that re-runs on Nick...I just needed a title.

My life simply isn't so exciting as to warrant a blog entry every day. I am back in Manhattan (please Lord let me be done driving for a while) and today was errand day so nothing glamorous. I washed all the thousands of miles worth of bugs off my car, vacuumed out a dozen jobs worth of dirt and gravel and tossed my paper substitutes for GPS along with a bunch of other random car accumulations. I ate lunch in the WESP office with Em so I could reconnect with Manhattan humanity. I also went and bought Microsoft office, priced text books (holy cow I'm going to be poverty stricken this semester), got my tires rotated, grabbed crap at Walgreens, and stopped at Nespor's for wine to enjoy while watching Jersey Shore tonight (don't judge, it's a train wreck and we can't look away). I also stopped to see Scarlett on the way out to my errands because poor kid lost a month's worth of work and she needed a coffee like Lindsey Lohan needed a proper dad growing up. Don't worry, I provided the caffeine and I think she'll pull through.

Now for anyone still awake after the riveting recap of my day, the weekend plans:
Hopefully going to see Vampire's Suck at some point
Pre-School pub crawl with my IE's
Farmer's Market
School Supplies shopping (I have a weird enthusiasm for this don't judge me)

We definitely need to come up with a new name for this thing... these are NOT adventures...

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  1. I hit funny twice...on accident...why doesn't it remember that I already hit funny....sadness

    I love MY SO CALLED fantastic

    I also love the Shore...everyone does and when they say they don't they are dirty little liars