Friday, August 20, 2010

Retail therapy is always the answer

Today I found out that I won't be getting my grader job back. I was informed Monday by my department head that he let the faculty pick their graders so I should contact the faculty not him. I did this and was informed by the particular faculty that because she's new and doesn't know any students, our department head hired her graders. So I have no job. Suck. That was a kickin' gig and I'll miss it.

Monday begins my hunt for a new job. I'm going to start with the leadership building (it's new and I hear they need lots of help over there), and if that doesn't pan out I'll also have put down feelers in the career and employment services office (both in that office and through that office). If I can't find a campus job (heaven forbid) I'm going to take a stab at a mall job (GAP!) and if I can't swing that... well as Mom said, there's always waitressing.

In light of being unemployed I had to race off to the GAP to do some retail therapy. I had coupons ok?! I got some sweet stuff and it's stuff I kinda needed anyway (it wasn't THAT much on the card... leave me alone!). Emily was there to help me make good fashion choices and to support my choice to get some professional, trouser style jeans for my new job hunt. They're cute-- trust.

Tomorrow we go farmer's market-ing for some tasty, good-for-me things. That will also boost my mood. I need to start eating better and what better way than to buy pretty produce from cute little farmer guys and their wives?

So anyway, that's what's up. Someone get to work on re-naming my blog please...I'm too emotionally irritated to do it myself.

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  1. working at the gap would be a poor life choice because you can't say no to their fabulous clothing selections

    I will let you know if a good blog name comes to me anytime soon

    Miss you