Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So the snow is finally here and as one would imagine, people are kinda loosing their... minds. The freezing rain of two nights ago left a lovely slick film on everything causing K-State to give us the day off. Looking outside you didn't seem to see a reason for it but if you set foot outside you understood. I brushed death a few times yesterday...very exhilarating.

And now the snow has come. We've been waiting and watching the weather and hearing people talk about the snow they're getting all around us and it's finally our turn. It's not coming down with a vengeance or anything but it's coming down. Between the cold, ice, and now snow we got another day off. I'm very ok with this. I didn't have to get up for my 8:05.

Yesterday I was super productive, filling out paperwork, applying for jobs and doing odd things I've been putting off. It felt amazing. I'm hoping to put bows on just a couple more things today. One of which is getting a background check which requires me to leave the house and drive to the police station. That feat alone may keep that task in the "to do" list. I drove some yesterday and things were fine but I just don't know if I want to try again today. But cabin fever has been known to drive people to do crazy things. We'll see.

I've got enough food to last for... a little while. If this is really the Armageddon they are predicting I may starve. Ok I may lose a few pounds which wouldn't be a travesty. If I lose power however... things may get dire. I can put the milk out on the porch, but what will I do to entertain myself. I have 2/3 of a book to finish but after that... madness. Pray for me people. More specifically pray for my electricity to remain on.

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