Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Struggles (NOT Mein Kampf!)

I swear when I titled this it was not intended to be a play on Hitler's book. Promise. I really am writing about a struggle I am currently having. The one of work/life balance. Or in my case work/life/school balance. For whatever reason I don't seem to be able to ever accomplish everything I should. I fantasize about the day when I don't have but work and life to balance but I'm sure my life and work will just swell to fill the gap and I'll still have a laundry list of "I should have's". I haven't been consistent at anything but going to work and trying to study (inefficiently) over the past week. Everything else is intermittent. This includes cleaning, dealing with my finances, exercise, and picking up after myself. Don't get me wrong I try to hit up those things but I just don't get around to it like I should.

Either way my life isn't so bad. I like my job a lot. For the first time it feels like I was requested instead of thrust upon my employer. The ol' "oh yea... you're here... uh... you can do this!" was getting old. I'm wrapping up a project where I help document parts of the process that can be moved off of the critical path. I finished the "schedule" I made for it today and barring major overhaul I think it's done (knock on wood). I'm about to embark on my next work adventure--documenting tooling in our area in detail so they can plan for it's storage as they finish construction and expansion of our area. It's a huge undertaking but it's going to keep me busy which is key to making the day pass.

This weekend for the 4th we didn't do a heck of a lot. Slept adequate amounts which was lovely. We saw Transformers: Dark side of the Moon which was awesome. Also I went and re-watched Bridesmaids which was epic the second time (just in case you were concerned it didn't have staying power). Yesterday we did and intern pool-side barbecue and then we went and parked our lawn chairs on the edge of the river to watch fireworks. Good times had by all! Here are a few pictures to prove I have friends and we did in fact see fireworks:
The Rachel's! Left to right, Rachel and Rachel (my roommate).

Alex! He's a good sport about hanging with the girls in Phil's absence. :)
7th Street bridge... We though the fireworks would be over the bridge... they were through the tree just out of shot. No worries though...
Other view from our spot. This is where the magic happens... when you miscalculate where the fireworks are supposed to be and end up watching a different show...

SEE?! There they go. I think these came from the botanical gardens. They were pretty legit.
And more fireworks but this time with a little artistic river reflection added for some drama. You're welcome.

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