Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sno-mageddon 2011 Update

Remember when I said the snow wasn't so bad? It's a little worse now. Kinda...blizzard-y. Mostly because the wind is kicking up all the previously fallen snow. Also it's coming down a bit faster. In spite of the worsening conditions, I ventured out. I had things to do! And cabin fever! I drove safe, I promise. Also, Mom's fancy-schmancy car told me to check the tire-pressure so that had to be done! Don't worry, Dad, I put air in the tires up to the cold-temp pressure recommended.

I couldn't get printed today because I have to get it done at the campus police office which won't do it on a day when we don't have class. I found out because I went to the Manhattan Police Department and was informed that I couldn't do it there. I called and the campus police said it wouldn't happen today so since I was out I went to Target instead. Picked up rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle because I read it makes good window de-icer for your car. I also picked up a scraper since my mom has a garage and never needed to buy one for her car. No worries, Mom, they were on sale.

I'll let you know how things are since I'll have little else to do while I'm locked up in the house. I'm not leaving again until I know the roads are better or the weather is more pleasant. Besides, my pajama pants are warm and comfy and so is my couch.

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