Friday, July 23, 2010

And the skies opened up, and God said...

People rejoice for there hath been a miracle! When we arrived for our 8am yard time (praise be it was so late!) we found out that today (not tomorrow) was our last day of frac! Knowing that it was in fact my last day made today a lot more bearable. We were rigging up (night crew rigged down after we left last night) which is a long, rough day. Fortunately, little of the equipment had been moved when we got there so we didn't have too much work to do. We ended up taking a lot of good breaks which helps a lot. There was also a good breeze most of the day (See? God exists and he loves me!). To top it all off the crew we worked with (all new guys minus Justo and Leelund) was pretty fun. Citizens of Francie, brace yourselves--one of my new favorite guys is John Stevens. He's an older guy, native to Arkansas and he cracks me up! I can't tell you some of his catch phrases that have become common to the crew (words unfit for civilized company) but they get me every time. I also had a heart to heart with Leelund today while we soaked up a bit of air conditioning. He told me a little about his life--he's my age but married three years with two little girls. I finally met the infamous duo of Flower and Daisy. People talk about them as a set (because they have the same shift schedule) and so I've been waiting to meet them. Flower got his nickname because he's "a bloomin' idiot" (seems nice to me) and Daisy started with him and they couldn't both be flower... these two are good guys and Daisy even told me on the ride home that he appreciated having us there and that we should skip out on coil tubing and stay with the yellow crew (at least for rig ups anyway). Nice thing to say. And best of all, I met a fellow Wildcat today--Mike is a recent grad of K-State (Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering) and he's been with the company only since the beginning of the year. We agreed that there is no place like Manhattan and he misses it. Also best of all because we were rigging up and didn't need to wait to be relieved, we got home around 7:30. AWESOME!

Tomorrow we're going to go in and help with maintenance of the coil tubing equipment. Tommy (the guy in charge of coil tubing) said that if we get it all done he likes to give his crews Sundays off. Furthermore, because these crews don't have shifts and they go out and stay until the job is done, meaning a few days at a time, he would probably put us on the crew that he was sending a trailer with. That goes out most likely on TUESDAY!!! So much time not spent working (or at least not like we've been the past week) and it's not even my birthday... This morning was just full of great news. Probably another reason my day seemed so much less painful than it should have.

Right now I am eating pizza I had delivered by Papa Johns. It tastes like possibly the best pizza ever. Maybe because I haven't eaten normally all week. Maybe because it is the best pizza ever. The world may never know.

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