Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

I had this past weekend off so I got to leave Conway and go get a drink of something besides the blue kool-aid I've been sippin' on for a month. I chose to drive (6.5 hours) up to KC to visit the boy and Carrie who's interning with Honeywell in KC. I had been hoping to see some others but a three day weekend ain't much to work with. C'est la vie.

As is custom on 'Merica's birthday, we blew up plenty of fireworks. There was grilling and some beer and even a pool. All in all, a good weekend best summed up by the exchange between Kyle and the guy who sold us our fireworks:

Kyle: The fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Grilling, drinking, the lake...
Fireworks dude: ...and you get to spend it with who you want!


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