Saturday, July 24, 2010

So... what do you want me to DO?

Today was our first day in coil tubing. It just so happens that they aren't doing any jobs just now so today was a rare yard day which for them means much needed maintenance work on their equipment. The coil tubing department does all their own maintenance and they don't have a chance to do it often so you would think they'd have more for interns to do... unfortunately they are swimming in green hats (newbies) so this was not the case. First thing Tommy (coil tubing manager) did was show us all the equipment (again for Anjelica and I who did it last week) and next he tried to split us up. The first option offered was to help him with inventory which made the others sick so they threw me under the bus immediately by looking at me and saying "isn't that what you guys do?!" I didn't mind, because they're kind of right so I took it. The other two were sent with guys to go "help" fix things that are broken. Turns out none of us did anything that I'm aware. Tommy spends his time trying to pretend he can multitask--fighting fires, helping the guys fix things, and organizing the department-- which means he ignored that I was there. I sat and watched him pour over schematics with the guys for a good hour and a half this afternoon until Ryan (a newer engineer in the department) came to my rescue. He just sat me down and showed me the paperwork he was working on but it was still WAY better than listening to schematic babble. He's nice and he's only 24 so he seems to "get it" more than the old guys. The young people know a little better what it means for us to be interns. He's also pulling for us to have tomorrow off and he let us go at 4:40 or so today because he realized we were just standing around the whole day. I like this Ryan guy.

As of now it looks like we won't go out on a job until Monday or Tuesday. We don't know much besides that. At this point I'm just pulling for Tommy to delegate us out to engineers to shadow so that we actually do things because watching him pretend to juggle things kind of blows. So far the coil tubing engineers and supervisors I've met are cool so here's hoping.

Tonight we're hoping to think of something fun to do since worst case scenario we have to go in to the yard by 9 tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we come up with something because these nights off are so few and far between. I'll let you know if we come up with anything...

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