Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

Today started out kinda rough. We had a short day of classes but it seemed to be the longest day of my life. Wireline seems a lot of the same stuff over and over and God bless our teacher but he was giving us WAY too much detail to really do us any good. It was painful. Fortunately as I said it was a short day (no PPE down hill even!) because we broke at 2:30 to go play paintball. Yep. I got paid to play paintball!

All 70 interns and about 5 or 6 teachers (two of those being Jimmy and his wife...Jimmy being the guy in charge of us) went and took over a paintball place for four hours. I've never played before and it was awesome! I was so nervous before we started because people were being over-dramatic about how much it hurts and how much you'll bruise but I should have known that those people are over-dramatic about everything. I was originally going to just wear a t-shirt and shorts but people told me I was a straight up idiot and would hate myself. This also freaked me out. It was hotter than a hooker in church outside and I hate swimming in sweat so to hear that my coveralls were going to be necessary was painful but I went with it because I didn't want to be a straight up idiot. It was a good call. I have a few welts, some I can show people and one or two where it is not polite to let them be seen. It does hurt like nobody's business when you get hit but really after a minute or two you forget and move on. Simmer down girls. You will not "look like you got in a fist fight" unless you're one of those that bruise like a peach. Then you're screwed either way.

To top it all off, today was payday! My favorite day! I paid off my HUGE credit card bill (thanks to pub crawl shirts and a car repair) just in the nick of time and I have a bit leftover. I just have to be thrifty until the end of the month (and/or rely on my $500 AmEx card that is meant to help feed me in the field...) when payday number two rolls around. Fingers crossed that I can do it!

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