Thursday, June 17, 2010

The weekend, so close yet so far...

Today was yet another scintillating day of wireline. The good news here is that we spent the whole day "down hill." I know what you're thinking, "isn't that something she whines about?" and the answer is yes. Normally. Today we walked down in the morning (not so hot yet) and we stayed there all day in the wireline buildings. We didn't even change into our PPE until after lunch!

We spent the morning doing simulations of well logging--running tools in and out of hole to read Gama rays to confirm depth and so forth. We sat in little rooms made to be a bit like the wireline trucks that had two computers--one for the operator and one for the engineer-- and we ran computer programs that looked like we were looking at our workstations--the operator also having a control panel and the "window" to see the equipment as it ran and the guy on the rig floor giving signals. We did two proper runs, logging the wells for the "client" and then we were told to just play with it. To a group of interns this means "break it" so we did everything they told us not to do and watched the resulting mayhem. It's not nearly as dramatic as we would have liked but we did get the rig floor guy to give frantic "stop!" signals and we did get our tool stuck down hole and disconnected (which we've been told means we're f***ed and fired) so that was kinda fun.

This afternoon they put us in a tool shop with a guy who normally just supervises a class and he told us what parts were there and then said "alright, take 'em apart!" and then we did. Then came the hard part--we had to put them back together. It was hard but way more fun than sitting and listening to another presentation about well logging. I also bonded with our supervisor and I think I have him convinced that he should organize an arranged marriage between me and his apparently rich and successful son. We'll see if anything materializes. When we left there we went back "up hill" to work on our presentation for tomorrow. We are presenting to an investor looking to provide power to a community of 100,000 people and is deciding between wind energy and oil/gas. Unfortunately I have fallen on the sacrificial goat team of wind energy. We know we're set up to fail but we're gonna give it the good ol' college try. Working on said presentation lasted about an hour of the given two and then we just talked about random things. I mostly eavesdropped on Chad and Kathleen talking about dating in college and I now know his game plan for picking up ladies at the bar. It was a productive afternoon.

Tonight we are going to have a little "fiesta" at Leslie's apartment to watch the basketball game and work on this God-forsaken project. I'm guessing the game and fiesta will take top priority and we'll end up slappin' this bad boy together late tonight/early in the morning before we pitch it. Hopefully I'm wrong. I guess we'll see.

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