Sunday, June 27, 2010


Another day in the lab. Today we ran more rheology tests--this time solo (more or less)--and did more "dishes." We also learned a little about separators and their makeup and purpose and what they test them for. We were also introduced to oil based mud. It's nasty stuff. We also played with gelled water (I forget what exactly it's called) and it looks and feels like snot. It's pretty neat stuff.

Mark, the lab tech, is super nice and let us leave at 4 today so I could go to mass in Little Rock. Since it was my first trip to Little Rock I took Anjelica with me. After mass we went on a little adventure based on our tour guide books to find food. A lot of stuff is closed on Sundays in Arkansas but we found a tasty place called Rumba down near the River Market. Delish! Also, if you've never been before, Little Rock is really pretty. We probably took the long route both to and from but it was worth it.

Tomorrow is our last day in the lab (officially) and then we get to go be slaves of the bulk plant. It's hard manual labor in the sun. I'm hoping that I can find time to apply adequate sunscreen so I don't turn into a lobster (and later a dalmatian).

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