Thursday, June 10, 2010

Humidity is my arch nemesis...

Another day, another class. We spent the morning "learning" about coil tubing. What is coil tubing you ask? I'm not sure I can really tell you. Our instructor was an intense Colombian woman who flat out told us she wasn't going to tell us anything, just take us down to the pad and let us ask questions. She warned us we would need to ask lots of questions and really try to figure it all out because we would have to build our own coil tubing set up from little mini magnetic "LEGO" like things when we got back. Needless to say this particular intern was a bit intimidated. We tried but she gave us vague instructions about some kind of rotation plan she had and then left it up to us to figure it out. I accidentally took a couple of flash naps sitting in a roll-y chair next to the shop building while I waited my turn to go see things. She never came and we found out we were supposed to just kind of wander up and but in at some point. She seemed to have no plan. Whatever. At least it was in the AM before it got screaming hot and hella humid... oh's always kind of hot and plenty humid. Especially in that dang PPE Smurf suit.

After lunch she made us put the little models together and explain it to someone. I think our group did a passable job since we're a bunch of ignorant interns. We got back into our PPE and headed back to the shop building "down hill" (which by the way if I have not mentioned is maybe a 1/4 mile away but the walk has to be at least a 1/2 mile with the hills and winding) in the afternoon humidity to go look at fiber optics and tooling. Then we walked back "up hill" to do a coil tubing simulation. That part was also very intense because she gave us a BRIEF explanation of each of the gauges (there are like 20) and knobs (again something like 20 of them) and what things were supposed to be like and then had us "start the job"--which she promptly screwed up for us so we could trouble shoot it. Like we even know how to run the damn thing under proper conditions... anyway we got it together and didn't kill anyone (yesterday's kill count was rumored to be over 60 people due to a snapped line creating an acid shower). This lady was intense. It seemed at times she was trying to break us. I dunno...

We got back to the "Stratford Palace" (as Peter* is calling it) and promptly walked down the road a bit to the Mediterranean restaurant, Ali Baba's, for falafel sandwiches and gyros. Delicious and affordable! Jennifer and I plan to speak highly of it. We should probably get some sort of commission. Possibly free falafel?

I skipped out on the nights activity of volleyball because I took Sarah to the clinic to get her ankle looked at. No one seemed real into volleyball anyway so I don't know if it even happened. In other news I am still exhausted and plan to go to bed early again if possible. Let's hope!

*A note on Peter: He is also a Vanderbilt kid and he is so painfully southern that he sounds like Forrest Gump from time to time. Hilarious. He's also very loud so you don't have to talk to him to know about this. Jennifer assures me he is usually a "couple notches" less intense and he's just hamming it up. Either way he's really fun to eavesdrop on...


  1. Was the Colombian woman's name Andrea Bautista?

  2. No... I think it was Caronina.